The X Factor

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By Monk in a Monastery

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In this book are the author's words that no one dare speak at the executive/management level, the blunt truth shared honestly with the reader.

If you're someone that is frustrated with the corporate promotion process, this is the non-sugar-coated medicine you need to get over it and if you choose to compromise your sense of pride and follow the advice given here you will get that promotion.

Interestingly though having read this book now I've come to terms that maybe I DON'T want to give up my dignity and my morals in pursuit of a promotion, but this book helped me come to that realization thus it is invaluable.

What a bargain at <5 bucks except one catch with the Kindle version I cannot read the graphics of this book clearly at all on my Kindle, given that I think the author should give us all the graphics/diagrams/charts from the book on a website if possible.”

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“I've given this book to my leadership team, January 28, 2013 By Jose P

In so much as a needed resource for professionals trying to advance their careers in today's work environment, I'd have to say that the book Executive Career Advancement: How to Understand the Politics of Promotion The X Factor is a must read. Having lived through many of the real world examples that the author notes in the text, I wish that I had been given a resource like this at the begining of my career. Too often, the work environment lacks in professional mentorship and guidance, this book takes you under its wings to provide you best practices on how to position one's opportunities and capitalize on the political underpinnings that frequently escape most employees aspiring to further thier careers. I've given a copy of this book to everyone that I've chosen to mentor in my organization.”

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“Excellent source for advancement in a career or job, December 22, 2011 By Jesse

One might think that the ideas presented in this book are quite novel but in reality they have been around longer than expected. This book brings to light many subjects that are not spoken of by top executives because of the many back door deals that occur on a regular basis. Executives like to shine on leadership, teamwork and commitment but when it comes to the dark side of political advancement they'd rather sweep that under the rug. This book is great because it is not afraid to touch on the real issues that make or break a career on the basis of favoritism or some sort of X- factor.

We all know that the issue of favoritism is real and not going anywhere anytime soon so why not pick up this book and arm yourself with the knowledge that will help you stand out while fitting in a concept at first tricky but with some effort easy to understand. From the front line production worker to the top executive trying to mold the corporate culture this book could be applied to most any scenario. Speaking from experience I could say that theses concepts applied in a real life situation could help a floundering career reach the next level.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking an edge in the job market or career advancement its worth the read.”

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Review Posted Online: January 20, 2012

“Flores, an expert in career advancement, offers up-and-comers an inside look at what it takes to get promoted in this strikingly honest look at how to build and sustain forward momentum in the workplace.

Flores writes to tell people the truth about what will and will not help them get ahead in their careers. He delineates several competing theories about how career advancement takes place and then shows why these are idealistic and not proven by the facts of what actually occurs. He then lays out what he calls the “Real World Model,” which is a combination of advancement through traditional means, like having superior qualifications, and usually unspoken means, like having a good rapport with the boss and getting fast-tracked for promotion. He explains that advancement doesn’t just happen to people who have the right education and the right degrees; instead, it happens to people who, in addition to those qualifications, have an “X” factor. These are the people who end up being personally mentored by a boss or supervisor and who are earmarked for promotion, even when a company goes through the charade of looking for other candidates. In many cases, the system Flores lays out shrewdly reflects the reality of office politics; bosses are looking for people they can get along with, people with similar interests who laugh at their jokes and have the necessary charisma and prestige to add value to the company beyond the performance of their daily duties. However, some may find Flores’ system too cynical for implementation in every situation. Detractors may points out that those looking to advance in their careers need to determine which of the models Flores discusses is true for their place of employment, and act accordingly. While Flores’ advice will be good in many situations, its applicability may not be universal. Still, much can be learned from this book.

For readers who want to get ahead in the most efficient way possible, this book offers a straightforward look at what really earns someone a promotion and gives detailed instructions for bringing that to pass in a person’s real life.”

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