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The X Factor

In advancement to the top – things don’t just happen, they are first agreed upon, pre-planned, formulated, and an action plan is set in motion. This exemplifies how a select few make it to CEO.

Career Advancement Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program

Formal and informal rules for career advancement co-exist in organizations, but are seldom changed. Career Advancement Politics deserves careful analysis and a close examination. Leveling the playing field begins with straight talk about Career Advancement Politics. The following quotes are presented in the spirit of helping people make better informed decisions.

Career Advancement Quotes

By L G Flores

Don’t confuse Career Advancement with Career Development or Career Counseling

Career Development is about work skills.

Career Counseling is about work placement skills.

Career Advancement is about political skills and working the system.

A career without politics is like a ship without a rudder.

Get to the top as young as possible.

Career Advancement is self-inflicted.

Executives are not prima donnas, but they are very, very, close to it.

Executives encourage truth telling , but discourage 100% honesty.

I spy, you spy, we all spy!  If I have a net-work of spies am I networking?

Career advancement politics is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

There is no substitute for hard work and working the politics of the organization.

Do you trust someone who says politics never played a role in their career advancement?

Promotion politics impacts productivity, morale, retention, and recruitment.

Hard work, appearances, and connections will get you promoted quicker than hard work.

Your career advancement is only as good as your ability to work with the organization and its promotion practices.

Life is unfair to people who do not have the power to define fairness.

What's the difference between a great worker and a great worker that is promoted?

Answer:  Politics – The X-Factor.

You control you career, but the organization owns the job you want.  How do you get it?

Answer:  Hard work and political smarts.

If you’re not ready to be pre-selected for a position you’re not ready to be promoted.

The Rules for Career Advancement are unclear.  The boss says follow the rules, but the Rules for Career Advancement are never posted for anyone to read.

Career Advancement is a taboo subject for people whose paycheck depends on their denying that promotion politics exist.

There are no free lunches. While you’re picking through the menu the person buying the free lunch is picking your brain for information, rumors, gossip, and secrets.

IOU’s are the currency of exchange in organizations. Some people do small favors and want big favors in return.

Conventional Wisdom wants you to believe that there is a squeaky clean promotion process that leads to CEO.

Executives want you to drink deeply from the cup of conventional wisdom so that you will not ask questions about career politics.

I'm a social drinker. Alcohol is a truth serum. Pour it in and the truth comes out. Some people ply you with liquor to get information. Alcohol and egos are a recipe for problems.

The quality that makes leaders great is GRIT-- Gutsy Resourceful Independent Thinkers.

Gutsy is the leader whose risk taking makes a profit, yet remains humble.

Resourceful is the leader who grasps how productivity and morale are linked to the treatment of staff.

Independent leaders spot opportunities and put the benefits to work for the entire organization.

Thinkers build their leadership reputations on meeting the Honesty Challenge – no stealing, lying, or cheating.

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