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This one-of-a-kind game reflects real life experiences of people in the workplace. It helps understand the formal and informal dynamics of career advancement. The simulation analyzes cross culture, cross gender issues.


Playing this fun learning game may cause uncommon insight into your career

Multicultural Promotion Track Game

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Multicultural Promotion Track Game

“Walking the talk” is the premise of this fun learning, hands on education tool.  Based on real life scenarios, players “walk in someone else’s shoes.”this fun learning, hands on educational tool. Based on real life scenarios, players “walk in someone else’s shoes.”  Participants use script books, dice, and game pieces while competing for promotions on a game board.  Through non-threatening role-playing, you experience the workplace as an African American, Asian, Hispanic, White female or male, and try to advance up the career ladder.  This makes for a fantastic paradigm shift in thinking!

Today’s work settings are honeycombed with complexities and paradoxes that impact employee recruitment, retention, morale, relationships, profits, and productivity.

The simulation explores the interplay of these issues as they relate to Career Advancement, Cultural Competency, and Organizational Culture.  

You learn best through first hand experiences! This is the reason corporate organizations and colleges utilize this excellent training tool to teach leadership, mentoring, and problem solving.  

The simulation brings to life the concepts presented in the book .


Learning Objectives

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Career Advancement Politics is the political elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.

Yet, it is politics which prevents people of color and women from becoming CEO or having a seat at the board of directors table. Kudos, to corporations that are making honest efforts to address social responsibility problems. They understand how promotion politics limits recruitment, hiring, retention, and profits.

The Multi-Cultural Promotion Track Game is a tool which identifies the real and artificial barriers in today's competitive work place.

Multicultural Promotion Track Game

Multicultural Promotion Track Game

Multicultural Promotion Track Game

Multicultural Promotion Track Game