The X Factor

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As a motivational speaker I can give people an insider’s grasp of how to overcome career advancement barriers.  With a humble proudness I say that:

I have presented at numerous local, state, and national conferences. There are few speakers that can talk from the perspective of having conducted research into the Politics Of Promotion. Based on my study I present incisive and illuminating ideas regarding Career Advancement Dynamics--a topic many executives tend to avoid. My program excels at unlocking secrets and opening up new channels of information.

In advancement to the top – things don’t just happen, they are first agreed upon, pre-planned, formulated, and an action plan is set in motion. This exemplifies how a select few make it to CEO.

Career Advancement Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program

Formal and informal rules for career advancement co-exist in organizations, but are seldom changed. Career Advancement Politics deserves careful analysis and a close examination. Levelling the playing field begins with straight talk about Career Advancement Politics. The following quotes are presented in the spirit of helping people make better informed decisions.

Executive Coaching

Just to safeguard your job - not to mention upward mobility - in today's competitive workplace, requires cutting edge career skills. Navigating through organizational politics is a prerequisite for becoming an executive. People need information that will help them deal with the political realities of work. If you are looking for an eye-opening and mind-opening learning experience consider my breakthrough program.

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