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Understanding the Politics of Promotion

New nonfiction offers readers an insightful toolkit for career advancement in the multicultural workplace

FRESNO, Calif. – Is discussing promotion politics taboo? Lorenzo G. Flores, Ph.D., author of the breakthrough new nonfiction book Executive Career Advancement: How to Understand the Politics of Promotion the X Factor (published by AuthorHouse), thinks so. ―Career Advancement Politics is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. Unlike popular topics like leadership, teamwork, customer services, and self esteem – career advancement politics is seen as controversial. With each attempt to deny, minimize or cover up promotion politics it becomes obvious that career advancement politics are here to stay – so why not find constructive ways to deal with it?

Breaking down conventional wisdom and myth, Executive Career Advancement brings readers back to reality and gives them the framework by which to analyze and discuss career advancement like any other matter in organizational business. Flores utilizes what he calls “career-shaping questions” to challenge readers to reevaluate the steps to success and how they can make the best of the knowledge and skills that they already possess. Ideal for both employees and executives, Executive Career Advancement is a breakthrough guide to promotion politics, and the spoken and unspoken realities of career advancement.

Advance praise for Executive Career Advancement:

This book refines his ideas and is the only book that I know of that really addresses the key issues in career advancement for people of all ethnicities. It is a delightful work, full of thought provoking quotes and provides keen insights into the politics of promotion. In the interface we find that the dynamics of career advancement are critical to the leadership and management processes. They go to the heart of morale, productivity, and control of the work environment.

—David C. Wigglesworth, Ph.D., an interculturalist, international management and organization development consultant.

About the Author

Lorenzo G. Flores, Ph.D. is the premiere speaker in the field of Career Advancement Dynamics. He has pioneered research into the theory and practice of promotion politics. He has garnered national attention for his  ‘Promotion Track Game’, which simulates work environments and teaches participants how to succeed in a multicultural workplace. Flores holds a Ph.D. in urban studies, a master’s degrees in public administration and social work from the University of Southern California.

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